Porsche 911 Racing Timeline

Porsche 911 Racing Timeline
Rennsport Reunion IV

For this year’s Rennsport, Porsche celebrated the history of the 911. To provide a visual history of the 911 in racing, a unique timeline was assembled. Here are the cars featured in this history of the Porsche 911.


1964 911


1967 911R


1971 911 ST


1973 911 RSR


1974 911 RSR


1976 934


1977 934 1/2


1980 Porsche Kremer 935 K-3

1986 961


1995 GT2 Evo


1998 911 GT1 LM


2004 911 GT3 RSR


2007 GT3 Cup Car


2011 GT3 Hybrid 2.0

Rennsport IV – A Unique Experience

Rennsport IV
Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca
Monterey, California

When I heard that Porsche was bringing Rennsport to Laguna Seca this year, I was very excited. Having attended the second and third Rennsports at Daytona, I knew this would be a great event.

But the reality far exceeded my expectations. The displays were larger, the crowd was more enthusiastic, and the variety of cars was the best of any Rennsport yet.  Here are some of the highlights of Rennsport IV.

Porsche Park and Beer Garden


The paddock at Laguna Seca was transformed into an open-air automotive display and biergarten, with an Oktoberfest theme.


It was an impressive setting for Porsche to show off some of its historic racing cars, like the amazing 935 Moby Dick and the 16-cylinder 917 . 


Model Car Concours

For Rennsport III in 2007, Henry Trent organized the first Rennsport model car show to display the variety and quality of Porsche scale models. For Rennsport IV, Henry supported the efforts of William Bauer and Andy Kellock to put on another model show for Rennsport. This year’s show was another great success, with over 150 models displayed and several former drivers and team owners taking a keen interest in replicas of their rides.


Center: Richard Attwood, Tony Adamowicz, Henry Trent, and David Piper
Right: Derek Bell

John L. Roberts, William Bauer, Kevin J. Stewart

Many Thanks to Henry Trent, William Bauer, Andy Kellock, Brendan Howden, John L. Roberts, and Michael Quarterman for their hard work and participation that made the Model Car Concours possible. And thanks to Porsche Cars North America for their generous hospitality in welcoming our modeling community to the Porsche Park at Rennsport.

Full report here: Rennsport IV Model Car Concours

Porsche 911 Racing Timeline

The theme of this Rennsport was the Porsche 911. To commemorate the racing history of the 911, Porsche designed a racing timeline that featured 14 examples of the 911 line. From the first racing 911 through the 2011 Hybrid, it was a very impressive display.

See the full report here: Porsche 911 Racing Timeline

The Corkscrew

Laguna Seca is known for its scenic beauty, and the Corkscrew is its trademark corner. Seeing historic racing Porsches coming down the hill at the Corkscrew was a highlight of the Rennsport weekend.

Kevin J. Stewart

So Cal NNL 2011

1967 Coyote-Ford Indy Car by Russ Bundy
So Cal NNL GPMA Award Winner

So Cal NNL 2011
Event Report

This year’s So Cal NNL was a big step forward for the event, which is run by our member Chris Hale. The attendance was great this year, with good-sized crowds throughout the day. Several race car modelers brought their work to show off, as seen in this brief review of the show.



Dale King showed some of his 1/12 Porsches, including a 935 and several 962s




It was nice to see Lindley Ruddick, Charles Fox, Henry Gonzales, and Dale King.
George Schaeffer also made it to the show, all the way from Florida.


Paul Cadwell showed his Audi and Martini Alfa, along with these impressive GP Bikes:



Chris Hale displayed his GT40 and amazing Lotus 56B Offenhauser Indy Car



Chris won the Theme award with this unique model.


Russ Bundy displayed several Indy Car models. This is the 1967 Indy 500 winning Coyote-Ford.



Perhaps the most impressive model at the show was this Pocher Alfa Romeo built by Gary Arnette.


NNL West 2011

NNL West 2011
February 26, 2011

This year’s show included a large number of race cars, many built by our own members,
as you will see below.


Mike Alvarez is a group member and professional model builder.
These three are just examples of the nice work he does.


Mike Siegman is an experienced modeler who also likes 1/43 scale.
This year’s 1/43 turnout was probably the best we’ve seen yet.


Henry Trent came out from Atlanta to display some of his latest projects.
His BMW M1 and Ford GT40 were especially nice.


William Bauer displayed his popular Wally Castro Trans-Am Mustang along
with the recently featured Maxum and the classic Probe GTP.


Curt Raitz always brings several impressive models to the show. The Bugatti
Tank is mostly scratch-built, along with a few parts from Bugatti 35 and
MG TC kits.


Thomas McNamara’s Tyrrell 6-wheeler was very clean, as were his Peugeot
206 and McLaren M8B.


Hossain Salimi showed some of his latest builds, which are always well-done.


John Roberts showed two Ferraris with deep, rich paintwork that doesn’t show
in these photos. You have to see these models in person to appreciate the finish.


Andy Kellock likes to display his cars together in a group, which makes
it hard to decide on a favorite. They are all exceptional.


Brendan Howden showed the Revell AG DTM Audi and Mercedes. He likes the kits,
and the results are impressive. His sleek Nissan GTP is a unique design.


Keith Brumbley, last year’s GPMA award winner, brought two Heller F1 cars.
Anyone who has attempted these kits knows how hard it is to make them look good.
The Ferrari 340 is appropriate for our upcoming contest.

This year’s award was a very difficult decision. After much consideration by the judges,
we decided upon the Audi R8 by Mike Siegman. Congratulations Mike!

Monterey Historics 2010

Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion 2010

With its new official title and without its longtime organizer Steve Earle at the helm, the vintage races at Monterey seemed as strong as ever this year, with full grids and plenty of spectators. No doubt having Dan Gurney as the focus of the celebration was important to keeping this a popular date on the vintage racing calendar.

See more photos in the GPMA Gallery: Monterey Motorsports Reunion 2010

Gurney Eagle/Gurney-Weslake F1
Winner, 1967 Belgian GP

For me, the standout car of the entire weekend was the Gurney Eagle F1. Everything about this car says winner.


The shape is the classic sixties formula car cigar, but tapered at the front to form the eagle’s beak. The details are impressive, from the unique wheels to the beautiful black cam covers. This is a car for the ages.



Monterey Historics 2009 Photos


Monterey Historics 2009 
Photo Gallery
by Scott Truesdell

I recently had lunch with Scott Truesdell and Dale King, and we got to talking about the Monterey Historics. Scott passed along the link to his website, which has some great photos of vintage racers and factory treasures from Laguna Seca.

When I looked through this collection, the photo above caught my eye and gave me a smile. Fortunately, the driver was not injured, but the priceless TestaRossa was. Any suggestions for a caption? Submit yours as a Reply/Comment to this post, below.


Spring Model Shows

Below are links to photo galleries for recent model shows and contests. Many thanks to our own Kaz Shibuya for his great coverage of Ferrari Expo and GSL XXII. Make sure you follow his link to Stephen Miller’s site for more information about his amazing Porsche Carrera GT1.

NNL East

NickF40 – Photobucket
DaveInTheHat – Fotki

Chicago Ferrari Expo

Tom Tanner’s Lancia D40

Kaz Shibuya – Fotki


Stephen Miller’s Porsche Carrera GT1 – Third Place Winner – Circle Track/Road Course Class

Kaz Shibuya – Fotki

Henry Trent at NNL West

We were fortunate to have Henry Trent bring his latest models to NNL West 2009. He showed two impressive Group 5 Capris, his Champion Audi R10 concept car, and his first GT40. Here are some of Henry’s models as seen at NNL West.

Group 5 Capris


Porsche 914 and Coca Cola 962

Champion Audi R10 Concept

Ford GT40, Watkins Glen 1969

Henry also gave a presentation on kit-bashing sports cars. NNL West has always been a hot rod show, and hot rods are often kit-bashed. So there was a lot of interest in Henry’s sports car kit-bashing and scratch-building techniques.


Henry Trent is President of the Atlanta Model Car Enthusiasts club. ACME runs the Southern NNL, which is a major event on the model car show calendar. Many sports and racing cars are on display each year. This year’s show is on November 14. Check the ACME-IPMS Website for more details. Also see the ACME Fotki Site for club images.

GPMA Award Winner

GPMA Award Winner – NNL West 2009
Lola Mk4A by Patrick Galleguillos

This car was part of a display of four formula cars, and it is distinctive in its simple, straightforward design. The model is not built from a kit, but rather the result of transforming a toy car into a scale model.


It was great to meet Patrick this year and present the GPMA award to him.


To see more of Patrick’s models from this year’s NNL West, go to the GPMA Gallery.