On The Workbench – December 2007

Fast and Furious Nissan 350Z by Chris Hale

I got this in the monthly Club raffle and thought it would make an interesting race car. Not done yet . . .

Tic Tac Porsche 962 Reference Photos and Builds

We had a discussion of the Tic Tac 962. Philippe Moriniere provided this photo:

Harald Weber has built this nice version of the car.

Survey of Workbenches

Last month we had an interesting twist on the question “What’s on your workbench?” The answer came back as “Here’s what my workbench looks like.” The replies were very interesting, and they show how our members organize (or don’t organize) their workspaces.

Following are some examples of GPMA Members’ workbenches.

This is David Fredrickson’s work space, and I like the way it organizes lots of tools and supplies needed for modeling tasks.  

One consistent trend for most members is to keep spray painting work areas separate from other work areas. Here we see a nice home-made spray booth.

Ross Sharp gave us a good look at his latest projects, and we see he likes a large workspace.

Dan Hartz makes good use of a roll-top desk.

We can all relate to this storage option.

Jack Pearson incorporates his computer into his workspace.

Mike Hanson makes good use of the vertical space behind his workbench.

Chris Hale has a well-organized apartment space for his modeling projects.

Some may say it’s too clean, but David Sorensen’s workbench is ideal. Lots of room to spread out, and plenty of storage space.

Here is David’s spray booth.

Buddy Wolfe shows that he’s actually working on something . . .

Etienne Dhont wins the award for most “authentic” workspace. I love this shot.

Open Interface Tom's Lexus SC430

Tamiya Open Interface Tom’s Lexus SC430
Kit No. 24293
Model, text and photos by Dale W. King

This is the second in the series of Lexus 430 SCs that Tamiya has produced.

It’s built right out of the box and typical Tamiya quality. It had over 120 individual decals (the red is almost all decals