May-June 2008

1/24 Hasegawa Ferrari
250 Testa Rossa
1/43 Porsche 718 F1 by Kazuyuki Shibuya
1/43 Porsche 718 F1
by Kaz Shibuya

1/20 Fujimi Ferrari 126 C2
Long Beach
Ferrari 250 TR Decal Set
by Lindley Ruddick

1/12 Martini Porsche 935
by Nicola Melluso

1/20 Ferrari F2001
by Russell Wells

Ferrari F2001

1/20 Tamiya Ferrari F2001 by Russell Wells

I think Russell was demonstrating his digital camera with these photos, but I really like the way he captures the model itself, particularly the reflection in some of these shots. Thanks for letting us see these, Russell.

Fujimi Ferrari 126C2 Long Beach 1982

1/24 Fujimi Ferrari 126 C2 F1, 1982 Long Beach GP Version

Kit No. 090337
Full Engine Detail
149 Parts


This is a new tool for Fujimi, which has not produced F1 kits in this scale the past. Apparently this is part of a new series of F1 kits, which will be a welcome addition to the market, since Tamiya has apparently stopped producing new F1 kits.


Many people seem to believe that this car never raced with its distinctive dual wing, or that it only ran the dual wing in practice, or that it never finished the race at Long Beach in 1982. None of these assertions is true. In fact, the car was always competitive during the race weekend, and Gilles Villeneuve drove it to 3rd place behind Niki Lauda’s McLaren and Keke Rosberg’s Williams. It was only after Tyrrell filed a protest that Villeneuve’s car was disqualified.


There are many good references available for this particular car. The following books provide plenty of photos of this car as it appeared at the 1982 Long Beach GP with the double wing arrangement:

Alan Henry, Ferrari: The Grand Prix Cars (Richmond, Surrey, UK: Hazelton Publishing, 1984 and Rev. 1989), p. 294.

Anthony Pritchard, Ferrari Turbos: The Grand Prix Cars 1981-1988 (Bourne End, Bucks, UK: Aston Publishing/Motorbooks International, 1989), p. 30. 

Ian Norris, Ed., Automobile Year No. 30: 1982/1983 (Lausanne, CH: Edita Lausanne), p. 91.

Ian Bamsey, Ed., Automobile Sport 82 83 (Somerset, UK: Superprofile/J.H. Haynes), p. 43.

The usual web image search should uncover some useful images if you don’t have the above books in your collection.

Hasegawa Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa

1/24 Hasegawa Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa

Kit No. HC-19

Full Engine Detail, 135 Parts


This is a brand new tool of a classic Ferrari. The first thing you notice upon opening the box are the many small parts that will go into this detailed model. Chassis frame rails, hood latches, bonnet, etc. All of these separate pieces would usually be part of a large chassis or body piece, but not in this case.

Molded in White, black, clear, and chrome, the castings are smooth and details are crisp.


The Testa Rossa is one of the most rare and sought-after racing Ferraris. This kit represents the cars that raced in 1958.

Several racing versions are possible with this kit. Decals are included for the following cars:


No. 14, Sebring Winner, Phil Hill/Peter Collins
No. 14, Le Mans Winner, Phil Hill/Olivier Gendebien

No. 102, Targa Florio 3rd Place, Mike Hawthorn/Wolfgang Von Trips

No. 12, Nurburgring, 10th Place, Gottfried Kochert/Erik Bauer

I can understand the choice of No. 14, but the other two seem odd. Bauer tragically died from injuries sustained in an accident on the cool-off lap of the Nurburgring race.

Kit Review

Many details are faithfully represented in this version. One of the nicest details is the beautiful engine. The valve covers or Red Heads are nicely molded with full detail. There

The body is molded in white, which will make painting


A must-have reference for the Testa Rossa is Ferrari Testa Rossa V-12 bv Joel E. Finn. This book is available in paperback, and it’s not only a good reference with chassis numbers, race results, and period photos. It’s also a fascinating book in its own right. Enzo Ferrari, Phil Hill, Mike Hawthorn, Peter Collins, and many more great names are featured in this book.


Ferrari 250 TR Decal Set

Decal Set for 1/24 Hasegawa Ferrari 250 TestaRossa

DTR1 – Decals for blue #20 car of Picard & Juhan from LeMans 1958

(see below for placement sheet)

Price: $5.00

DTR2 – Decals for ENGLEBERT Tires

(see below for sample and placement sheet)

Price: $3.00

Please contact me at if you are interested in purchasing these decals. Discount for quantities of 10 or more. Prices do NOT include postage and fees (if any).