December 2008

Building the Lewis Hamilton McLarens

Merit Model Kits and Reissues

1/12 Brumos Porsche 911 RSR

Sacramento NNL 2008

ACME Southern Nationals NNL 2008

Cactus Classic 2008

Building the Lewis Hamilton McLarens

F1 Fansite Photo

Lewis Hamilton – World Driving Champion

Earlier this year, we saw Lewis Hamilton emerge as the 2008 World Driving Champion. It was a close season all the way to the end, but Hamilton consistently showed that he could rise to the occasion and win or score points when necessary. His championship is well deserved. And now that Mr. Ecclestone promises to permanently ruin Formula One, maybe Lewis Hamilton will be considered the last true World Champion. 

While there are many die-cast or factory built models of the McLaren MP4/22 and MP4/23, there are only a few kits available for these cars. Here is a survey of the model kits you can use to build your Lewis Hamilton collection.


Tameo Kits – Silver line series 

SLK 052

Monaco G.P. 2007
L. Hamilton Car No. 2
Result: 2nd

SLK 053

Italian G.P. 2007
L. Hamilton Car No. 2
Result: 2nd

SLK 062

Monaco G.P. 2008
L. Hamilton Car No. 22
Result: 1st

For more information, see the Tameo website.


Studio 27

McLaren MP4/22 EARLY

McLaren MP4/22
Canada/US GP Version

McLaren MP4/22
Japanese GP

McLaren MP4/23 2008 EARLY

McLaren McLaren MP4/23 LATE – World Champion 2008

For more information, see the Studio 27 website.

These kits look fairly challenging, especially with all of the aero pieces to attach and the chrome paint job. But they are the only game in town for 1/20 scale. Hopefully Revell AG will consider producing a 1/24 version for their F1 series.


Vodafone McLaren Mercedes MP4/21


From the Airfix website:
Following the recent popular Santander/Abbey Bank TV advert which features Lewis Hamilton as an Airfix kit, we are now pleased to announce the release of a Vodafone McLaren Mercedes kit!


The kit contains 17 pieces with a total length of 148mm and width of 58mm. All parts are fully decorated and pre-painted. A small cross-headed screw driver is all that is required to complete the model.

For more information, see the Airfix website.

This kit is a slot-racer version of the previous season’s car, so it won’t satisfy the purist. But it might be a nice piece to keep on the office desk or in the workshop.

F1 Links

For results and news, see, the official Formula One Website. Once a boring official site for FIA rules and regulations, it’s now a comprehensive F1 resource with real time scoring, photos, and news to keep you up to date. has news of current F1 races and the amazing Forix historic news and photo archive. is another amazing resource for news and photos of all your favorite racing subjects, including F1.

Merit Model Kits and Reissues

Merit Maserati 4CLT GP Car

Research and Photos by Roger Virgo

The Merit series is a selection of classic Grand Prix and Sports Racing cars from the mid-fifties. Here is the list:

Grand Prix Cars circa 1954/55

Mercedes-Benz W196



Maserati 250F (Resin reissue)

Vanwall (Resin reissue with scratch-built chassis)

Lancia-Ferrari D50 (Herb Deeks kit)

BRM P25 (not shown)

Lago-Talbot (with engine detail)

Alfa-Romeo 158 (with engine detail – not shown)

Formula 3

Cooper 500 (with engine detail)

Sports Cars

Lotus XI

Jaguar D Type (Early version with no fin)

Aston Martin DB3S

And the almost mythical Bluebird K7 (not shown)


Most Merit kits you will find today are built, and unbuilt kits in good boxes will be fairly expensive. Czech manufacturer Smer took over the Lago Talbot and the Alfetta, and they are still available on eBay or at swap meets.

Resin reissues were available from Keith Sorci directly.

Keith Sorci’s last known address:
Colorado Resin Specialists
12650 West 64th Ave. E-426
Arvada, Colorado 80004

Please update this information if you have something more current.

Brumos Porsche 911 RSR

1/12 Porsche 911 RSR by Dale King

This model was originally built in the late 1970s as the King Brothers car:


It is based on the Otaki/Entex model of the first 911 turbo show car. Over the years the model deteriorated a bit, and it needed repairs. Originally the rear wing had been enlarged and new extended fenders made using Aluminum and bondo. While I was redoing it I decided to scratch build a new front clip, new rims and tires, make a few other new parts, and turn it into the Brumos version.

The body was completely striped down, repaired, corrected and repainted. The wheel centers are resin castings, while the outer rims are turned and polished aluminum.

All of the decal artwork was done on the computer, and printed on an ink jet printer.
I was fortunate to be able to photograph the carefully restored car at Rennsport III at Daytona, Florida in 2007.

Dale King

To see more of Dale’s amazing work, visit his home page:

Cactus Classic 2008

Cooper Mk IV F3 car by Chris Hale
1st Place – Competition Category

Chris Hale’s Cooper Formula 3 Car

It’s actually a Herb Deeks resin kit. I scratchbuilt a frame inside it, shocks, roll hoop, brake and fuel lines, accelerator cable, pedals and machined the white metal wheels. Its painted Tamiya BRG.

Herb re-did a Merit kit to make a master, but he hasn’t made this kit for many years. I have been friends with Herb since the 60’s and occationaly he comes up with some neat stuff like this kit that builds up real nice.

I actually found the 1959 Sports Car Graphic in my collection that had a cut-away of this car to help do the build. I also found a manual for building the 1:1 car. Like I said, all the GPMA guys inspired me to do the build.


For photos from the Cactus Classic, see the Fuelish Spectator (John Hilkert’s) Fotki page:

ACME Southern Nationals NNL 2008

Champion Audi R10 TDI Concept by Henry Trent

The Southern Nationals is a great race car show. The variety is good, and the quality is as good as any show anywhere. Some of the drag cars I saw were amazing in their chassis, engine, and interior detailing, and a few were over the top. But there are also awe-inspiring paint jobs and creative subjects. So it’s just a great show.


The star of this show had to be Bill Cunningham’s mostly scratch-built Maserati Birdcage. You may have heard of his vacu-formed bodywork and intricate chassis detailing. You can see his model in the ACME Fotki album.

Sacramento NNL 2008

1/24 Brun Porsche 962C, LeMans 1988 , by William Bauer

This was a fun event, held Oct. 11, 2008 at the Towe Ford Museum in Sacramento, CA. There was a good turnout for racing cars and the usual hot rods and customs. The overall build quality was high.

Our own John L. Roberts was busy organizing things and provides a great photo album here:

John L. Roberts’ Fotki Page

And yes, that’s Yours Truly showing my best side in the first shot. Thanks a lot John!