Henry Trent at NNL West

We were fortunate to have Henry Trent bring his latest models to NNL West 2009. He showed two impressive Group 5 Capris, his Champion Audi R10 concept car, and his first GT40. Here are some of Henry’s models as seen at NNL West.

Group 5 Capris


Porsche 914 and Coca Cola 962

Champion Audi R10 Concept

Ford GT40, Watkins Glen 1969

Henry also gave a presentation on kit-bashing sports cars. NNL West has always been a hot rod show, and hot rods are often kit-bashed. So there was a lot of interest in Henry’s sports car kit-bashing and scratch-building techniques.


Henry Trent is President of the Atlanta Model Car Enthusiasts club. ACME runs the Southern NNL, which is a major event on the model car show calendar. Many sports and racing cars are on display each year. This year’s show is on November 14. Check the ACME-IPMS Website for more details. Also see the ACME Fotki Site for club images.

GPMA Award Winner

GPMA Award Winner – NNL West 2009
Lola Mk4A by Patrick Galleguillos

This car was part of a display of four formula cars, and it is distinctive in its simple, straightforward design. The model is not built from a kit, but rather the result of transforming a toy car into a scale model.


It was great to meet Patrick this year and present the GPMA award to him.


To see more of Patrick’s models from this year’s NNL West, go to the GPMA Gallery.

Nissan R91VP JSPC

1/24 Nissan R91VP JSPC 1991
by Hossain Salimi

Hossain Salimi, a past GPMA award winner, showed his immaculate Nissan R91VP prototype at NNL West.
The kit is the Tamiya Nissan R89C upgraded with Studio 27 decals.


The chassis, engine, and interior are painted with a variety of Testors enamels and lacquers, while Tamiya lacquers are used for the bodywork.


Engine and interior details were added, including carbon fiber decals.

To see more of Hossain’s models from this year’s NNL West, go to the GPMA Gallery.