May-June 2010

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Theodore C. Stewart

I want to dedicate this update to my father, Theodore Stewart, who died on June 1. He was 90 years old, and he had lived a very full and happy life. He loved to fix things, from watches to television sets. 

He grew up in the later stages of the Great Depression and served in World War II. A man of few words, but with a quick wit, he didn’t like to tell stories about things he had done. He preferred to stay busy working on one of his many electronic or mechanical projects. 

Dad was a skilled technician in electronics and an amateur radio operator. He enjoyed communicating with people from around the world and sharing his interests with them.  I think my interest in scale model building was fueled by his attention to detail and embrace of technology. As we celebrate Father’s Day this year, I honor his memory.

Kevin J. Stewart
GPMA Webmaster

New Website Sponsors

New Website Sponsors:
Creative Miniature Associates
TDR Innovations

Please welcome our new sponsors.


Creative Miniature Associates

A producer of museum quality kits and built-ups, Creative Miniature Associates maintains the highest standards of scale fidelity, finish, and build quality. Established by Marshall Buck in 1982, Creative Miniature Associates has produced hundreds of models of classic sports and racing cars.


TDR Innovations

Several members have recently shown an interest in rapid prototyping as a way to create parts and bodies for their modeling projects. TDR Innovations offers several interesting model products, including a Jaguar D type body in several scales from 1/24 through 1/8.