Ferrari F60 F1


1/20 Ferrari F60 F1
by Russell Wells


This Tamiya Ferrari F60 was built pretty much straight out-of-the-box (OOB). 

rwf60-06 rwf60-07 rwf60-08

I purchased the Zero 2009 Ferrari F1 color from Hiroboy.  The paint arrived in two different bottles.  One bottle was the base silver, and the other was the Red top coat.  When I initially shot the silver base, it was very coarse, and basically was no where near to being scale.  I ended up using TS-30 Silver Leaf as the base, and top coating that with the Zero 2009 Ferrari F1 red. 

rwf60-09 rwf60-10 rwf60-13

The model was typical Tamiya quality as fit goes, but it had no less than 50 or so ejector pin marks all over it.  By the time I finished filling all of the ejector pin marks, the model looked like it had “Chicken Pox”. I did not do a lot of detailing on this build, for the simple reason of lack of reference pictures.  I had planned on really detailing the engine area, but the lack of reference material squashed that idea. 

rwf60-12 rwf60-14 rwf60-11

I replicated the CF with a combination of semi-gloss base, followed by Testors metalizer gunmetal shot through a ST27 Screen, followed by another layer of semi-gloss black shot through the same screen.  I ended up with a very subtle pattern that revealed itself very nicely in a well lit room. 

rwf60-05 rwf60-03 rwf60-04

All in all I was very pleased with the finish.  I over-coated the red with Mr. Super Clear Gloss.  It polished out nicely, and was a breeze to work with. 

Ferrari 330 LM TRI


1/12 Ferrari 330 LM TRI
by David Sorensen
1962 Le Mans Winner
Drivers: Olivier Gendebien and Phil Hill


The chassis and engine did not require extensive modification. 

ds330-02 ds330-03 ds330-04 

The bodywork was another story. The back half of the kit was heavily modified by Motoi at HAPICO.   He said the rear end was all wrong, and he would not let me build the kit until he enlarged the rear vents, the spoiler, rear quarter vents, and the wheel openings.

ds330-06 ds330-07 ds330-08 

He also cut out the rear lid, so I needed to scratch-build a gas tank and find a spare tire. 

ds330-09  ds330-11 ds330-15 

ds330-12 ds330-13 ds330-14

This was a very challenging build.