Chaparral 2C, 2D, and 2E
Jim Hall's Revolutionary Sports and Can-Am Cars


This Revellogram slot car body conversion is pretty nice. No engine detail, but a chromed insert is provided. Interior detail is also absent, but you do get a nice driver figure. 

Tires are a problem; They're Goodyears (should be Firestones), and they require lots of cleanup.

Another option is to go with the Modelers kit, which I haven't looked closely at. The Modelers kit is much more expensive, at $50+.


The granddaddy of all Chaparral kits is the IMC 2E, re-released by Union. It is available at swap meets or by other desperate means. Price is $50-75.

Detail is typical IMC, with opening doors and removable front and rear bodywork.
You can see why these kits are sought after today - they were way ahead of their time.

Last modified: June 9, 1997
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