1/24 Fujimi Ferrari 250 GTO
Kit Review and Accessory Guide

The Fujimi 250 GTO is the newest version of this classic 60′s racer, and so far it has received rave reviews.

“The Fujimi has the best body hands down. . . . The Fujimi body is even better than the Hiro, except for the rear spoiler area.” – Tom Tanner, Scale Designs

Even with that caveat, the Fujimi solves a major problem for 250 GTO builders: which kit to use. Before this kit, the existing choices all had major problems with the body shape.

The Fujimi kit comes in three flavors. No. 123370 is the first release that does not include the photo-etched details, while No. 123547 includes the photo-etch sheet.


And just announced for release this month is a decal variation that represents chassis no. 3445 (No. 123585):


I have seen some complaints about this being just a decal variation and not a more accurate representation of this car. But I think we’re lucky to get any versions at all in an injection molded kit, when resin kits are not necessarily more accurate and are five times the cost. Just my opinion . . .

Several detail sets were produced for this kit, but most of them are now sold out and out of production. These were all produced by KA Models of Korea for Fujimi. Hopefully these will be reissued, but I’m sure others will be produced. Here is a list of the detail sets produced to date:

Fujimi 111735 - Aluminum Wheel Set.

Fujimi 111595 – Photo-etch sheet and metal stickers.

KA Models KS-24002 – Deluxe Pack, includes above items plus turned aluminum intake funnels and exhaust pipes, and printed film for the instrument panel.

KA Models KC-24002 – Turned aluminum exhaust tip set.

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