Monterey Historics 2010

Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion 2010

With its new official title and without its longtime organizer Steve Earle at the helm, the vintage races at Monterey seemed as strong as ever this year, with full grids and plenty of spectators. No doubt having Dan Gurney as the focus of the celebration was important to keeping this a popular date on the vintage racing calendar.

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Gurney Eagle/Gurney-Weslake F1
Winner, 1967 Belgian GP

For me, the standout car of the entire weekend was the Gurney Eagle F1. Everything about this car says winner.


The shape is the classic sixties formula car cigar, but tapered at the front to form the eagle’s beak. The details are impressive, from the unique wheels to the beautiful black cam covers. This is a car for the ages.



Gurney Eagle F1

1/24 Gurney Eagle F1 by Andrew Sapiro

At this year’s Monterey Motorsport Reunion, Dan Gurney’s Spa-winning car was displayed in pristine restored condition. This unique model by Andrew Sapiro is a faithful replica of the original.