November-December 2011

Porsche 917 LH
by Dale King

Rennsport Reunion IV
Model Car Concours

Porsche 911
Racing Timeline

Rennsport Reunion IV 
A Unique Experience

NNL South – Atlanta
Model Show

Member Models

Porsche 917 LH

1/12 Porsche 917 Langheck
Martini “Hippy” Car, Le Mans 1970
by Dale King

This is the 1/12 scale Porsche 917 LH hippie car. It’s based on the ABC resin kit, although with many modifications. Some extensive work was done on the body to get the main pieces to fit properly.

One of the most obvious changes is the Dayglo green swirls with the white outline. The kit decals were not only the wrong color (forest green), but they were apparently made for a 1973 Volvo! For the new green portions, I hand cut the shapes from Microscale decal sheets.

The white outline was created in Adobe Illustrator in sections and printed up on an Alps printer. The paint is “burple” by MCW Automotive lacquer with a clear coat over the paint and decals. The interior was modified and heavily detailed.

The model has new head & tail lights, rims, center lock wheel nuts, rear body latches, oil cap, rear wing & support device, front fender louvers, windshield wiper, window glass, right side marker light plus many other scratch built pieces and parts. I had built a completely new frame in brass (rear of the main bulkhead), but the engine and engine bay pieces were so poor I decided to make it a curbside.

Rennsport Reunion IV Model Car Concours

Model Car Concours
Rennsport Reunion IV, October 2011
Laguna Seca

Following are the cars that were displayed at the Rennsport Reunion IV Model Car Concours.













Porsche 917















Porsche 956/962

























Large Scale



Small Scale





Support Vehicles

Class Winners




Class Winners in the Rennsport IV Model Car Concours
356 Mille Miglia by Jim Priete
Judge: William Bauer
908 Long Tail by Andy Kellock
Judge: John Fitzpatrick
Porsche 917
Pink Pig by Henry Trent
Judge: Dave Modderman
911 Safari Rally by Michael Quarterman
Porsche 956/962
962 Lowenbrau by John Roberts
Judge: Dick Barbour
996 by Brendan Howden
Judge: Alex Job
Large Scale
935 Martini by Hossain Salimi
Judge: Patrick Long
Small Scale
908 #14 by Kent McClure
Judge: Andy Kellock

Porsche 911 Racing Timeline

Porsche 911 Racing Timeline
Rennsport Reunion IV

For this year’s Rennsport, Porsche celebrated the history of the 911. To provide a visual history of the 911 in racing, a unique timeline was assembled. Here are the cars featured in this history of the Porsche 911.


1964 911


1967 911R


1971 911 ST


1973 911 RSR


1974 911 RSR


1976 934


1977 934 1/2


1980 Porsche Kremer 935 K-3

1986 961


1995 GT2 Evo


1998 911 GT1 LM


2004 911 GT3 RSR


2007 GT3 Cup Car


2011 GT3 Hybrid 2.0

Rennsport IV – A Unique Experience

Rennsport IV
Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca
Monterey, California

When I heard that Porsche was bringing Rennsport to Laguna Seca this year, I was very excited. Having attended the second and third Rennsports at Daytona, I knew this would be a great event.

But the reality far exceeded my expectations. The displays were larger, the crowd was more enthusiastic, and the variety of cars was the best of any Rennsport yet.  Here are some of the highlights of Rennsport IV.

Porsche Park and Beer Garden


The paddock at Laguna Seca was transformed into an open-air automotive display and biergarten, with an Oktoberfest theme.


It was an impressive setting for Porsche to show off some of its historic racing cars, like the amazing 935 Moby Dick and the 16-cylinder 917 . 


Model Car Concours

For Rennsport III in 2007, Henry Trent organized the first Rennsport model car show to display the variety and quality of Porsche scale models. For Rennsport IV, Henry supported the efforts of William Bauer and Andy Kellock to put on another model show for Rennsport. This year’s show was another great success, with over 150 models displayed and several former drivers and team owners taking a keen interest in replicas of their rides.


Center: Richard Attwood, Tony Adamowicz, Henry Trent, and David Piper
Right: Derek Bell

John L. Roberts, William Bauer, Kevin J. Stewart

Many Thanks to Henry Trent, William Bauer, Andy Kellock, Brendan Howden, John L. Roberts, and Michael Quarterman for their hard work and participation that made the Model Car Concours possible. And thanks to Porsche Cars North America for their generous hospitality in welcoming our modeling community to the Porsche Park at Rennsport.

Full report here: Rennsport IV Model Car Concours

Porsche 911 Racing Timeline

The theme of this Rennsport was the Porsche 911. To commemorate the racing history of the 911, Porsche designed a racing timeline that featured 14 examples of the 911 line. From the first racing 911 through the 2011 Hybrid, it was a very impressive display.

See the full report here: Porsche 911 Racing Timeline

The Corkscrew

Laguna Seca is known for its scenic beauty, and the Corkscrew is its trademark corner. Seeing historic racing Porsches coming down the hill at the Corkscrew was a highlight of the Rennsport weekend.

Kevin J. Stewart

NNL South 2011 – Atlanta

NNL Southern Nationals
Nov. 12, 2011
Smyrna, GA (Atlanta Metropolitan Area), USA

This year the group visiting from the West Coast included myself, Mike Alvarez, and Derek Collins. The show was great, but lunch with the President, Mr. Henry Trent, was a highlight for all of us.

Mike Alvarez, Kevin J. Stewart, and Derek Collins prepare to taste some of the best barbeque available anywhere.

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Member Models – December 2011

Scratchbuilt 1/24 Lotus 49 and Maserati 8CM
by Andrew Sapiro

Here are recent projects by our friend Andy Sapiro. The first is a scratchbuilt Lotus 49 in 1/24 scale. Made using Renshape and sheet styrene, this is a major project.

This Maserati 8CM is another Sapiro project. To see more of this and other impressive work from Andy, see his Gallery

1/8 Scale Scratchbuilt Bentley
by Jack Renyolds

Here is my recently completed 1/8 scale scratchbuilt Bentley. The reason I began this large scale work was because of the availability of parts. Unlike a kit, these require some imagination and searching for pieces that resemble the real part. The search puts a new meaning on shopping.

I have a web site that shows some of my scratch work as well as a few 1/18 die cast models that have been modified. The 1958 Ferrari 246 Dino model (#26)  was given a full page in the recent book on Mike Hawthorne titled “Golden Boy.” Some of my cars are fairly accurate, and some are my version of  racers in certain eras.

Please take a look at, and if you would like to discuss my methods (wire wheels, louvers, etc. write me at

1/24 Nissan Skyline
by John Cully

This model is based on a Tamiya Skyline 2000 GT-R with parts from a Fujimi ‘Rubber Soul’ kit. And no, I don’t understand the ‘Rubber Soul’ reference either. It does represent an actual car, driven in the second half of 1972 by Motoharu Kurosawa. It can be seen in race footage on YouTube.

1/25 Porsche 911 IROC
by Andy Kellock

I really liked the IROC’s at Rennsport, so I was inspired to build one. I used the Revell 911 kit, my own cast wheels, and Speedline decals to create this version of Mark Donohue’s car.